Docklands Apartment

Interior Photography

Interior photography of commercial buildings lets you give potential visitors a visual tour of your development or property. I create a series of high quality, high definition interior photographs of your property to give future clients and guests a walkthrough of your development or building. With the right pictures and lighting, potential visitors will get not only a visual idea of what to expect, but will also be able to understand the ambiance and feeling of the space.


The first thing that’s necessary to prepare for any interior photo shoot is for me to discuss with you, the client, what it is that you want to achieve through the photo shoot. Once I know what you want out of the interior photography, we can determine together how much time will be involved in completing the photography and which shots we need to get for the proper presentation. Key considerations when taking interior photographs are that the area that will be included in the photographs, the best angles for taking compelling images, and what needs to be cleared out of the room. Certain features and ideally all people should be removed from the space before I begin taking photos.

Time of Day

The best time for taking interior commercial photographs is usually the early morning or late afternoon. This allows me to get the best available natural light for the photo shoot. However, the right time for your particular shoot may depend on the specific project. Photo shoots will normally take about one to two hours for the first five photographs, so choosing the right time frame is key to getting enough light.


My interior photographs can be used as a guide for galleries, colleges, stately homes, parks, museums and other public buildings. I can also take commercial interior photographs to be featured in a guide to a new building to give prospective clients or visitors a complete walk through of the building prior to its opening.