Disney XD Winner

Our event photography covers a variety of events. We have experience working in a range of environments, from classical music festivals to advertising events. Our most featured event is the Disney challenge at the Bournemouth Air Show.

The Disney challenge was a 200m long inflatable obstacle course -- two competitors took part every fifteen minutes and the time for each competitor was recorded and fastest run for each hour received Disney goodies. My photographs captured the young competitors having the fun and also capturing the competitive spirit of the event, the age of the competitors ranged from five years old to sixteen. The best photographs from the photo shoot were put onto the Disney XD website

Marlow Classical Musical Festival Event Photography, the first part of the festival is for young musicians and singers, their performances are judged by a professional classical musicians and they are awards prizes and certificates by the Lord Mayor of Marlow, part two of the concert involved performances by professional musicians, these included pianist, tuba and violinists, all of photographs taken during the event were published in local paper and concert was also recorded and was broadcast on Christmas day on the local radio station.

Our event services are designed to suit any event or occasion. We provide general coverage, snapping images of event attendees and organisers and making sure that the event's most important displays or competitions are documented.

My event coverage went from three hours for the Marlow music festival to six hours for Disney DX event in Bournemouth.