Take your photography to a higher level. With our 10+ years of on-field experience, I can offer Photography Workshops and photo tours in the UK, Brittany, Provence and coming soon the the Camargue southern France

A photography workshop or photo tour is a great way to experience and improve your photography.  In these courses you can learn the theory and, more important, and how to take landscape photography on location so that you can capture stunning scenes, and also how to use advanced photography technique such as photo stacking and bracketing,

Every workshop will cover at least the following subjects:

  • Composition
  • Exposure (Reading histogram in a different light situation)
  • Jpg or RAW – which is best one to use
  • Filters (ND – Hard & Soft, ND, Polarizer)
  • Long Exposures
  • Post-Production with Photoshop CC and using photoshop filters
  • Any other request by the client